Emilian Sitges

ISA Certificated surf instructor.


Born and raised in Puerto Vallarta.

I’m in charge of your lessons



French | Spanish | English



⋅ International Surf Instructor certification (ISA LVL1)

⋅ 2 Life-saving diplomas

⋅ French (Psce1)

⋅ Great Britain (Surf GB Lifeguard)

My highlights:


  • ⋅ I am a full time surf instructor
  • ⋅ I work with highly qualified team
  • ⋅ Expert in big waves and tube riding
  • ⋅ In my free time I am surfing or training
  • ⋅ I love seeing the smiles a good wave generates
  • ⋅ Experience in France and Mexico teaching surfing
  • ⋅ Local knowledge of the best secret and exotic beaches in this area we know where its at.
  • ⋅ Teaching surfing to over 9,000 people throughout my surfing teacher career